Take2 offers an excellent opportunity to work on a team of enthusiastic professionals from the field of education and other related fields.

Take2 staff members are provided training from experts in the field in the areas of social learning, executive functioning, emotional regulation and behavioral regulation.

Take2 staff members have a passion for working with children with social learning differences and giving them the strategies to help them succeed and feel good about themselves.

Job Descriptions

Please note that we assign jobs based on level of experience, student and programmatic needs. Staff members often play more than one role at camp.

Essential Duties, Responsibilities and Expectations of all positions:
The duties include but may not be limited to:

  • Ensure student safety
  • Perform basic office jobs and camp support activities as necessary
  • Help produce materials for instruction
  • Participate in staff meetings
  • Hold confidential all knowledge of students and their families
  • Assist in maintaining a classroom environment conducive to student learning (calm, positive)
  • Follow guidelines of professional dress code

Lead Teacher:

Provide supervision and implementation of instructional programs, support implementation of behavioral programs, and coordinate with other support staff. The lead teacher is responsible for communicating with families and writing an end of camp summary of camper’s progress. The lead teacher should have classroom/ therapy experience. Direct work in social learning with children with ASDs is preferred.

Assistant Teacher:

Responsible for assisting the teacher in development and implementation of instructional and behavioral programs. Depending on the needs of the group the staff member with this role may also be serving another staff role.


Responsible for supporting camp staff in their work with campers. This volunteer is as much a role model/peer mentor as they are a member of the adult staff. The volunteer should be willing to play with children in a highly interactive environment, including modeling playing playground games and participating in PE. Last, the volunteer should be clear that approximately 25% of their job will be "program support" not involving direct work with teachers or campers, but doing the necessary support activities necessary to run camp.

If you have a particular interest in PE or Art please note that on your application.

To apply please complete the Staff Application Form.

"At Take2, we get a chance to zero in on an important challenge and work on the skills needed to beat this challenge. For a lot of our kiddos, this goal centers around making friends. As a teacher, it was wonderful to witness the genuine happiness a kid experienced when he had a "friend moment"--playing games, finding a common interest, hanging out. That was my favorite part about working at Take2." --Lindsey Sitz (Assistant Teacher, 2011)